Our greyhounds in 'Barely There Vet Calendar'

Monday, July 9, 2012
The 'Barely There Vet Calendar' has been a traditional event for the Massey University vet students over the last seven years. It began as a fundraising project for the 3rd years’ half way day where students celebrate being half way through their five year degree with skydiving, white-water rafting or relaxing at a spa.
Some 10 percent of all proceeds go towards a charitable cause. This year it is the New Zealand Wildlife Health Centre.
One of GAP foster carers, Stacey, is a vet student who participated in this calendar this year. She organized a photoshoot with our lovely hounds.
Stacey sent me these pictures below (these do not include the actual photo being used in the calendar). You can click on each picture to see full size:
Girls with (left to right) Roache (Awesome Enforcer), Cobby (Cawbourne Snowy), Lucy (The Ferret) on the swing, Louie (Charlston State), Ritchie (Thrilling Tear) and Reggie (Regent Hurricane). Stacey is a blonde on the far right :)
Calendar can be purchased at www.vetcalendar.co.nz 
I have just received my free copy from  Stacey -thanks a million Stacey for all you have done for our lovely hounds! 


gyeong said...

What a great idea. Haven't seen any group volunteering to do this in the States :)