Postcards from Lace

Friday, July 6, 2012
Gorgeous 10 year old Lace is staying with us for a few weeks, while her Mum and Dad are visiting friends in England. I thought to post some pictures of her here, so that her parents can see how their precious girl is doing :)
Today, Lace insisted on dictating a post to me again, so here goes:

Hello Mum and Dad!
I just heard you are on your way back! I am very excited and cannot wait to see you again!
I am having a great time here - I love living in a pack! We keep having new foster greyhounds too - they keep coming and going?! Every week we have another dog arrive! Very strange but very interesting too :)
 At the moment we have two new foster greyhounds - I have made friends with them already (one is quite obsessed with me and wants to follow me everywhere!).

I daresay I have let them all know in no uncertain terms that I like finer things in life, and I have also taken over the doggie couch:
I like to hang off the doggie couch, it is a very relaxing pose!

Alas, sometimes Cobby insists on joining me and uses me as a pillow!!! I dont mind :)

And he shares blankies with me too -on the same couch:

And I have to post pictures of myself with one of my absolutely favourite meals - a venison neck chop (my other favourite meal while here is a chicken frame for breakfast YUM).
Check me out (I cannot resist posting a few pictures of me dining on this culinary delight):

Yes it is messy as! Not easy to put away a game chop like this one without a bit of a mess HA HA!
Fatima and Rachel have an entire system for this: they put covers on our beds while we eat, and when  we finish these covers are taken away and washed. It is an entire operation -what with 6 of us! No wonder their washing machine goes non stop :)

Also, we got snoods. I was at first incredulous at this contraption  -well I dont need it in our house do I (these hounds here have no idea of underfloor heating concept and I have given up trying to explain it to them). Well anyway, back to snoods: they are supposed to keep our neck and ears warm:
Me modelling a snood :)
Lucy :)
Cobby :)
Oh and we had a small earthquake and also chased a hedgehog in the garden right afterwards! Apparently hedgehogs were supposed to hibernate at this time of the year, but not this one! Mind you , maybe it was 'woken up' by an earthquake...?  In any case -we found it -and chased it into the bushes , it was awesome! :)
Until next time , Lace xxxx