A very special greyhound up for adoption: meet beautiful Glorianna (Glorianna)

Monday, July 2, 2012
Beautiful Glorianna on the winning podium in June 2012
Very special greyhound just arrived to GAP is up for adoption: meet gorgeous Glorianna (Glorianna).
This beautifully bred, recently retired girl was given to GAP by Waikato trainer Arch Lawrence, who retired many of his dogs via GAP.
Lawrence, who bred and raced Glorianna and her siblings  in partnership with his wife Gloria,  won  Silver Collar on 10th June this year in Auckland with his greyhound Mr. Chino - Glorianna's litter brother :)
Here is lovely Mr.Chino:
Mr.Chino in June 2012, looking so like his sister Glorianna :)
Silver Collar is a trophy for 'stayers' - greyhounds who race on 700m track, which is the longest distance in greyhound racing.
Glorianna was an awesome racer (stayer) too and qualified and raced in this big race herself :) You can see the race on YouTube (it is a beautiful and VERY exciting race!):


Mr.Chino after winning the Silver Collar, with Arch, Gloria, and sponsors :)
Also, Glorianna's and Mr. Chinos's litter sister Moccona was retired last year via GAP (as she did not have as much racing potential as her siblings) and she now lives in Waikato. Here are some of her pics -yes, she looks similar to Glorianna too!
Moccona :)