Update from foster care : Vulcan (Sunset Spock)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Handsome Vulcan (Sunset Spock) is in foster care in Auckland with Sarah and her GAP greyhound Rosie (Rialto Rosie).
Sarah just sent us these gorgeous  photos and an update:

Handsome Vulcan
Vulcan with Rosie and a little white doggie friend :)
Vulcan is a lovely boy, super affectionate, loves leaning on you and resting his chin on your shoulder. Very good on the lead, recall is slowly starting to happen and he knows his name! :)
He’s very good in the house, sleeps on his bed all night and is great in the car. Learning to be more social with other male dogs too. He has a gorgeous and particularly soft thick greyhound coat.
Also - he’s very vocal for a greyhound, loves to talk !

awwww :)

Yes, i can cockroach :)
Yes, I know it is not very greyhound-like, but i TALK :)


Anonymous said...

Vulcan is just scrummy! I am in Nelson and looking to adopt.... can you tell me the logistics? would you just refer me to your Christchurch branch?

Fatima said...

hello there -I cannot contact you directly as you have no google profile.... :(
GAP NZ adopts greyhounds all over NZ - location is not a problem at all :)
COuld you contact me on favdich@yahoo.co.nz and I will send you all the information on adoption process :)