Update from Amber (Harajuku Girl)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pretty Amber (Harajuku Girl) was adopted by Selina, Matt, their little girls Maia and Tarah, and their two cats Shiseido and Mishka on 8 May this year.
We just got an update from them (you can click on photos to see full size):
Our family consists of Mum, Dad (Selina and Matt), our 2 girls Maia (6 yrs) and Tarah (4 years) and our 2 cats Shiseido and Mishka. Sadly we lost our gorgeous greyhound Falcon in April. He was such a treasured part of our family and we were all devastated at this loss - particularly our 6 year old who sobbed every night in bed for 3 weeks after we lost him. We visited GAP in the hope of finding another lovely greyhound to fill this hole and along came our beautiful Amber! Our daughter still greatly misses Falcon but hasn't cried once since we got Amber. She is just a perfect part of our family and we all adore her :-)
Amber settled into home life so quickly. She sleeps on an elevated bed in the lounge on big fluffy pillow like bedding. She rarely goes out during the night for the toilet - much prefering to stay warm and cosy inside (and I don't complain about not having to get up in the middle of the night :-)) She is so good!
She knows not to go down the hallway and that she is only allowed in the lounge and dining room and totally obeys this rule (lol).
She is SO patient and polite with her food. We don't even have to tell her to "wait" and then "eat" like we did with Falcon…she waits back until we have completely finished dishing it up and even when we say eat, waits for a little bit before gently tucking in.

She LOVES going up to the huge fenced area at Manfield Park in Feilding and having a good blat off the lead - although always comes back totally pooped!! She is good friends with my in laws labrador and they play so well together. She has even had a sleep over there when we went away and they said she was so easy to look after they will have her any time!
She does have her quirks though… In about week three of having her, I washed her bed and it hadn't completely dried by bedtime so we left her happily sleeping on the floor. In the middle of the night she obviously decided this was not a good arrangement and that if she didn't have her bed, she would have to settle for the next best - the couch! When we got up in the morning, she was happily curled up in a ball on the end of the couch - very funny but she was growled and hasn't done it since. We know better than to deprive her of her bed!!

We also think she may have OCD!!! She hates anything being in the back porch area including shoes, gumboots, toys and even her bed! Anything left in this area for even 2 minutes is gently picked up and taken to the back lawn, where it is then dropped and left so the porch is clutter free! Go figure! She never chews or even leaves the slightest of marks on anything - just moves it! It is very funny.
We are hoping to start the Canine Good Citizen classes with her this term to add even more positive aspects to her awesome nature.
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to love Amber (Viv) and have her as a part of our family!
Many thanks
  The McKenna's
Selina, Matt, Maia, Tarah, Shiseido, Mishka and Amber
Spot the boss in our house in the this photo (it's not Amber)