Update from Archie (Arkwright)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Helen from Oamaru adopted her Archie (Arkwright ) in June this year and we just got an update:
I took some pictures of Archie on his walk at the beach. I was really lucky to catch 'flying dog' picture!  The white stuff is frost! Not that it stops Arch - he loves his burn out, and then home for a  venison bone!

 He is well and happy, and even enjoying dog training which we have started on a Monday night - he is so well behaved everyone now wants a greyhound, so will be taking some leaflets tonight! Fingers crossed!
Archie also has a new job!!!  Two ladies who go to dog training on a Monday work at Iona home for the elderly and they asked if I could take Arch along to meet the olds.  We went on Saturday and he was a huge hit, he was the perfect gentleman, wagging his tail and having pats from lots of different people, even the staff loved him.  One old lady in particular, who is  bed bound and does not speak, had a face was just the picture of joy, she has had animals all her life. As the residents are obviously not allowed to have pets, a lot of the them really appreciated having a dog to love, because they missed their own dogs. We heard lots of stories about very well loved pets no longer with us...